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Today is Christmas Eve Eve

Today is Christmas Eve Eve! What makes this December 23rd any different from the others? See this tree behind me? This year the tree skirt is visible. No, not in this picture. But you know what I mean. This isn't a result of the Smithsonian's making the naughty list. This is a result of our growth as Christians and parents. The tree behind me is bare, because we invested in the lifelong success and wellbeing of our children's financial and personal attainment. Although I have always proclaimed to know the reason for the season, the tradition of gifting overtakes me each year. Not in 2019 satan or any subsequent years! I am pleased with my growth. And with all new discoveries, I wish to scream them from the mountain tops.

Check this out!

While readjusting the Christmas shopping list for our older two, the hubs and I realize the importance of instilling a greater meaning to this season. We are attaching God's love for us to a lifelong love for our family's success. Look at us bestowing blessings from blessings.

Additionally, we took to the Social Media challenge of reading the Book of Luke leading up to Christmas Eve. We are on a roll, Click the link to find out more about our Book of Luke journey.

The Christmas list this year was deduced to two gifts each per child.

  • Number 1: received the gift of a financed checking and savings account and Personal Finance Guide for Teens and College Students. We are instilling finance education and responsibility into this impulse spender. He has to earn and keep his own millions.

  • Number 2: Started Hair clipper set and a gift card. Learning to groom himself and then others will make for a lucrative first or side business one day. The money is an introduction to financial responsibility.

I should jump in and assure you that each son is affectionately numbered.

  • Number 3: A refurbished, wifi powered iPhone 6 (gotta love screen time) and a case. This is his introduction to Common Sense Media, online safety and responsibility, and managing his social media/gaming time.

  • Number 4: Number 4: A piggy bank that he requested weeks ago and a bike. The bike is every kindergartner's dream gift. Or at least it was in the 80s.

The true gift of Christmas is Christ. We are grateful that we are able to spend time and make memories without being consumed by the materialistic traditions of this season.

There has been so much more focus on game nights, laughter, and talks, and Christmas light rides! I am praying that my sons' receive everything that He promised to them.

I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas this season and a prosperous 2020!

Thank you for visiting and reading! I am grateful.

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