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The Gospel According to Luke Challenge

Back in November, I scrolled across a bible challenge.

Read one chapter in the book of Luke in the Bible each day. You will finish the story of Jesus' Life on Christmas Eve.

Easy enough...

I'd be remiss if I left out that one day we had to read about 6 chapters in order to catch up. I proudly revealed this because we didn't give up, we just caught up.

What did we learn?

A whole lotta stuff!

1. The Gospel according to Luke documented the raw, unfiltered, and as my husband would say, “cutthoat” Jesus that we know and love today. You know the cutthroat that is fierce and intense; involving the use of ruthless measures. Jesus encounters opposition from the Pharisees, who question his adherence to traditional Jewish laws governing Sabbath observance, fasting, and consorting with sinners. He proclaims and teaches without the presence of fear. He continued to teach in the presence of His enemies assured, confidently, and effectively. he convinced me. If He could, then so can we also continue to live Yeshua’s unapologetic truth.

2. He had power in His human form. We seem to overlook that very important attribute. He didn’t have to wait until He died, rose, and went to Heaven to possess His power. Apart of having the Holy Spirit is embracing the power within. Among his miracles, he calms a storm; cures a man possessed by a demon, and a woman with a an issue of blood; and revives the daughter of Jairus. Jesus sends the Twelve Apostles out to preach the Gospel and to cure illness. He works the miracle of the loaves and fish for those who listened, multiplying the small meal to feed 5,000 people. When he questions the faith of his apostles, asking, “Who do you say that I am?”, Peter replies, “The Messiah of God” (9:20). And so are we also His children.

3. Jesus’ focus was to fulfill the purpose of the One who sent Him. God. He wasn’t concerned with earthly treasures or where He would lay His head. He gained 72 more disciples taught them then sent them to teach. He works his way toward Jerusalem, teaching in parables center around faith in God: the importance of repentance; the virtues of humility and kindness; the dangers of riches; the reward of total renunciation of the worldly in favor of the divine; and the ruin that will come to those who fail to listen to God’s word.

Closing Remarks

As we go out into our neighboring hoods tonight, we will listen to the audio versions of the two remaining chapters leading to trial and cruxifixction.

What an honor to be chosen by the most high God. He tells his followers to be bold in asserting the Gospel’s truth, and to be prepared for the unexpected final judgment. We walk in preparation each day. We celebrate Him on whichever day we choose not to identify with a pagan. But to connect this day with His love. Because to Know Him is to love Him. And when you love Him, you shout it from the rooftops.

Merry Christmas! Glory to our Most High God!

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